Listen to Norse tunes while your review information about this course.


Yeah, yeah, we get it, you want to be Eiríkr Þorvaldsson. This comprehensive e-learning courses & certification is exactly what you need.

The combined course is endorsed by the Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors (PAWGI). It's for people who want to become explorers, and therefore need to gain some basic wilderness knowledge so they don't die (at least we hope) within the first hour in the bush. As the course leads to an actual certification (Certified Assistant Guide), it is also great for people who want a career as Wilderness Guides.


This course is truly international as it combines a North American version which focuses on environments north of the 45th parallel (Canada/Alaska), as well as a European version which focuses on Scandinavia. What's even better is that you only get tested on one region (North America or Scandinavia). So you can select the region of your choice to focus on.   



The course is entirely delivered online (yup, we have evolved!) and is composed of 8 modules: RegulationsNature, CultureMeteorologyRiskLeadershipConservation and Survival.

Each module includes a set of materials to be reviewed, assignments graded by an instructor (Berserkr or Úlfhéðinn), as well as online quizzes. Upon completion of all modules, you take a final online exam required for certification.

Course is completed at your own pace. So yeah, no issue if you decide to spend your next few week ends drinking mead.



Following successful completion of the course, you will have acquired the theoretical knowledge necessary to explore the wilderness, or guide people in the wilderness. This includes knowledge relating to regulatory compliance (this one section sucks, yeah), cultural and nature interpretationmeteorologyrisk and emergency managementexpeditionary and outdoor leadershipsustainability and conservation, and finally, wilderness survival

Certification as Certified Assistant Guide is achieved through the Professional Association of Wilderness Guides and Instructors (PAWGI), by receiving a mark of 80% or above on the Wilderness Guide General Examination (online exam). Don't worry though, if you fuck up the final exam, we'll let you take it again for free. Who said Víkingar were mean?!

And if you want to further your skills and education after this course, a Forgangsmaðr (Expedition Leader/PAWGI Certified Wilderness Guide) course is also available. May it be known as well that the Hersir course will qualify you for a PAWGI Certified Specialized Guide certification (Survival), while the Berserkr course will qualify you for a PAWGI Certified Wilderness Instructor certification. You also have the option of course to continue your training with various other PAWGI training partners. 



The course includes all required course materials in an electronic format (the purchase of actual textbook is therefore not required), as well as the WGGE (Exam) fee (more than one if you fuck up the first attempt).

Note that you'll need to get Standard First Aid somewhere at some point as PAWGI will require it to issue your certification. If you don't want the certification, that's fine as well!

Cost is 5,399 kr. for the combined North American/European course. No tax. We don't believe in taxation. And for those currency-challenged, that's about $549.